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Stylish Ties in Dubai for Your Wardrobe

July 24 2020 , Written by Royal Fashion Published on #ties in Dubai, #bespoke Dubai, #bespoke fashion, #bespoke tailoring, #Bespoke tailor made

When you choose a tie, it should reflect your garment style and your physical build. Congruence is easy when we follow some thumb rules. When you buy the ties in Dubai check these and you will be safe.

Ties in Dubai - Royal Fashion Dubai

Picking the Tie

For instance, a short, fat person must choose a thin tie. And, it mustn't have horizontal stripes. To make the person look taller, the stripes must be vertical. For a normal person, there is a brilliant range of ties in Dubai suitable for everyone. Along with the traditional solid color ties, you have patterned ties and informal ties of mixed colors design.

Bespoke Fashion Styles

Choose a style first and then pick your garments for the season. Here are the steps to the bespoke Dubai fashion made easy. Look at the most common ones from which you can choose.

● The Rugged Look: Anyone who wants to project a no-nonsense image will opt for this. Start with flannel shirts and traditional workwear, leather boots, and tweed trousers.

● Casual Style: This is a kind of informal look that avoids any frilly look. The ideal combination will have T-shirts with denim jeans, casual shirts, chinos, and hoodies.

● Formal Garments: This consists of the clothes one wears to the office. Start with a suit, a shirt, and tie with a pair of dress shoes. You can add the accessories like a tie pin and cufflinks as you see fit.

● Sports Wear: Fitness is a way of life. One must have the attire to perform well. Get yourself a tracksuit, sports shoes, head, and armbands. Do not exercise in formal clothes and destroy them. When you exercise, your tracksuit will stretch well and keep you warm.

The bespoke Dubai fashion garments help you on all occasions. Get your clothes by visiting the tailor shop and making them.


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